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Konsolen are proud to be the only company all over Switzerland that provides a comprehensive range of fixing products. Their multiple patented products became widely known under the word SK (SK is an abbreviation for the German word “Systemkonstruktion” – system construction in English) throughout the construction industry. Not only are the products  designed with precision, they are manufactured accurately.


That is why some professionals may call them the "watchmaker".  They set a high value on the further and new development of their products, as well as their adaption to the constantly changing construction methods. They have pioneered in the field of sound- insulation, our products are often copied at home and abroad. Other areas of Konsolen AG are balustrade construction, store construction and laboratory construction. As a specialist component manufacturer they help to implement technical solutions. Thanks to modern production processes, and qualified staff, they can continue calling themselves a high-performance company.


Konsolen Catalogue

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